Our vision of what we want to be

Kartonnage Joye nv is a company whom customers like to do business with. We guarantee a smooth, efficient, friendly and competent approach.

Values to which we are attached

Extreme attention to friendly and reliable customer service/ Open communication & open doors/ Responsible employees with corresponding competence/ Attention of permanent personal development/ Equal opportunities for and respect for each person/ Permanent improvement these products, processes & procedures/ A high standard of personal ethics & integrity/ Respect the commitments towards the of customers and employees. replica uhren


Kartonnage Joye nv is growing company, active in production of cardboard tubes since 1970. The establishment was located in Izegem the ultra modern manufacturing unit.

In november 2002, Kartonnage Joye nv was taken over by Maarten De Backer who decide, after an intensive operation period, to start a second production line in 2003 and to recruit additional staff. www.kochamzegarki.pl

In early 2005, an other building nearby was purchased in addition whereby the future and expansion in Izegem was guaranteed. A 500 m² warehouse was in use immediately.

In mid-2006  Maarten De Backer invested in a new truck.

After a period of 3 years, in May 2009, there was the opportunity to take over colleague Van Dille and to move to Izegem in a much larger and more functional building.

Meanwhile, Kartonnage Joye nv has become a fixture in tube world. replica watches

Between 2009 and 2015 we have quadrupled our turnover and we are likely to continue this growth.

In 2013 we bought our drying room. This allows us to dry our tubes much faster. More time, more just-in-time deliveries and less storage.

Starting from 2014 everything goes at an accelerated pace. A semi-automatic packaging line, again an improvement of our wrapping process.

In 2015, two new trucks for our transport… You probably have already recognized our beautiful orange trucks.

2016 was also overturning moment for Kartonnage Joye nv : construction of a new storage area, new additional offices, the start of selling edge protectors and the creation of new subsidiary in France. And above that all, our production line for the spiral cardboard tubes were automated with splicers, an automatic system for cleaving of the cardboard rolls.

2017 : Start of Joye Kartonnage Poland. Production of edge protectors.

2018 – 2019: Due to the continued growth of our company, it becomes necessary to look for a new location as the buildings become overcrowded, at the end of 2018 the idea ripens to visit our neighbour where apparently less and less activity can be observed. An agreement is quickly made so that both parties are happy.

2019: A part of the buildings at the new location will be demolished and an extra production line will be ordered, this large and fully automatic machine will already be installed at the new location despite the fact that we are building there in the meantime.

2020: To date, we are continuously working on the expansion of our company, but also by investing in enthusiastic, talented and motivated employees. In five decades, we have taken big and small steps on many fronts.
At first sight, the contrast between the company from the seventies and the current company is huge. However, in essence little has changed: we remain a company that combines high quality knowledge with pragmatic solutions and quality always comes first.
In the meantime, we are moving to the new location, from 5,000 m² to 11,000 m². All machines will be put in place, a new drying room and new cutting machine will be installed, 2 robots will be ordered and ERP will be prepared to start in

2021 …